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About us

Redmark Editing is the renowned names providing one of the best editing services. Established in the year 2001, we are associated to work with over 70 Universities from countries like US and Canada. Our services are well known for accurate editing. We have a great work record history over a decade.

Our work includes over 12000 edited dissertations and a total of 37,500 edited documents till date. We have been involved in delivering up to date editing services for work like thesis/dissertation writing, writing journals etc. Our esteemed clientele includes doctoral candidates from universities like Phoenix, Arizona, Capella, and Walden, to name a few. We have almost 75 PhD Editors on board with us. Our services have absolute money back guarantee, in a rare case; if our clients are not satisfied with us.

AMS Word file is created and given by us for the entire document in track with changes to the clients. The clients can easily point out the editing work done by our editors. Our editors also insert the comments in between the documents for overall document quality improvement. You would be amazed with our affordable rates, where our prices start from $ 6 per page.

Our services are really fast and up to the mark. We have the ability to edit over 200 pages of your document in just 24 hours. You can request a quote for your document editing and write to us at

We completely understand that every university or institution may have very precise guidelines for dissertation writing style and formatting. Plus we are aware of the fact that each student often has sole needs and requests. Therefore, it is our suggestion for you to submit a copy of your work to us via email and summarize your explicit needs. One of our editors will review the project and give you with all of the necessary details to get work started on your dissertation. This will be just a sample work giving by us to you to gain your confidence for the work that we provide.

Meanwhile, our proofreading services prices are $ 5 per page, whereas formatting service is provided at the rate of $ 1 per page. Hope to hear from you soon.