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Developmental Editing Services

Our Advanced Developmental Editing Services give your manuscript the supreme attention in relation to editing grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Our experienced developmental editors take a cavernous dive into your book’s content in order to make elevated stylistic considerations. Our work includes perfect plot and pace. Our Developmental Editing Services ensure that the work done by us will be completely understood by the reader with animproved sense of clarity and impact.

Our Developmental Editing Service is a prevailing combination of services in three distinct steps which includes:

  • Developmental Valuation
  • Content Editing
  • Quality Analysis

Developmental valuation

Our developmental editor gives your manuscript a sophisticated assessment at the paragraph, chapter, and book levels. Our editors make available the comments throughout the manuscript, to recognize areas of your work leading to overall revisions.

Content Editing

The Content Editing work takes over after our editors complete the large scale changes. This stage includes a complete Content Editing. The Content Editing work is included in the Developmental Editing package that we provide. Our editors also correct the errors taking place in grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure.

Quality Analysis

Our editors will completely perform a Quality Revision check of your work after you have reviewed your edited content and submitted the updated version of your manuscript to us. This will evaluate the complete manuscript. In order to get rid of any errors or problems coming during your revision, our editor will check over all the revisions you made to the manuscript after the Content Edit.

Our editors will take near about eight to 10 weeks to complete the entire editing process. At the end, we will deliver you the apparent, succinct, error-free and appreciable work.

Redmark Editing provides no margins for errors to take place.  Our professional in-house developmental editorial staff reviews each editorial service for excellence guarantee. If in a rare case, you find some issues in work done by us; your suggestions are most welcome for changes.