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Choosing The Right University For Your PhD

Choosing the right university for your PhD is just as important as zeroing in on the right subject for your PhD research. And at times, this could turn into a major dilemma if the university of your choice does not offer you the PhD that you want. Therefore, what should you consider before you choose a university for your PhD?

  • Ranking: This is by far the best indication of the status and reputation of a university. You might want to take it into account that a PhD from a reputed university may carry more weight on your resume than one from a lower ranking university. Plus, a better ranking university will have facilities that can help you in your research too.
  • Academics: Check out the academics of the university before you apply for a PhD. Make sure that the faculty should be competent enough to help your through your research.
  • Language: If you are looking at a foreign university, check for the languages that are most prevalent. For example, if the university wants the thesis in a foreign language to your native one, you might want to consider looking at other options.
  • Funding: Check out the funding options for the university research wing. The last thing you would want is to end up high and dry in the middle of your thesis. If you are a foreign national, check out scholarships or any tuition help that you might be eligible for or can apply for.
  • Location: Depending on your research and prospects post doctorate, you might want to choose the university based on its location. For example, if your thesis involves climate change – you might like to choose a university based in a country where its effects are more visible such as China or Japan. Universities in such countries may provide more funding for research on such areas.

Choosing the right subject in the right university may seem hard at first. But as you look for universities and related criteria, you are bound to zero in on the best option for you. The important thing to do is to choose wisely in an informed manner. Do not hesitate to visit or write to the universities with your queries. Most universities have a special cell in the admissions department to take care of questions and provide you with the right answers.

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